Amie Kambeitz model - Brandon Elliot Photography

First “Real” Model Shoot

TBT Circa 2005 – my first “real” model photoshoot. When I say “real”, I mean – a makeup artist was hired, idea boards, timelines, locations, were all thought out instead of just getting a model and heading outside! It was very minimal budget but got the ball rolling as to what could transpire out of…

Help Portrait Vancouver 2014

Help Portrait is an annual one-day event that takes place globally. It was started 6 years ago by photographer Jeremy Cowart as a way to give back. Each year 10,000’s photographers, makeup artists, digital editors, and volunteers donate their time and skills to offer free portrait sessions for those in need in their local communities. People from all walks are able to come to the event,

Where It All Began

In homage to #TBT (Throwback Thursday), I’ve gone way back to the archives of 2002 – back to the days of shooting film! Yes, film! Where you had to capture a picture and nail it the first time – no chimping allowed or retaking the shot! These are shots from a shoot with the lovely…